Los Altos Hills Buena Vista
Buena Vista

Currently under construction, this "uber-green" net zero energy residence incorporates too many elements of sustainability and green building to count, yet it's the modern architectural style and design sensitivity to the site that really take center stage. Durable, low maintenance, and handsome materials such as rusted cor-ten steel, natural stone veneer, and integral color plaster are deftly combined with strong linear roof lines that emphasize the horizontal nature of the site, such that the house seems to grow out of the hillside.

Design Team:
Noel Cross+Architects - Architect
Evans Construction, Inc. - General Contractor
Suzman & Cole Design Associates - Landscape Architects
Jacques Saint Dizier - Interior Designer
Vita Pehar - Lighting Designer
Jakaby Engineering - Structural Engineering
Giuliani& Kull, Inc. - Civil Engineering/Surveying
Meline Engineering Corp. - Mechanical Engineering
Earthcraft Landscape Design - Rainwater/Graywater
Red Lily Studios - Photography

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