"We worked with Noel Cross on the plans for our newly built Craftsman home. I cannot say enough good things about him! He is a truly wonderful man, great to work with, very professional.  We very much enjoyed working with him. According to my contractor, Noel's architectural plans were more detailed than any other plans he has seen, which left nothing open to "interpretation" when it came time to build. I do believe that helped us get our house built quickly (my contractor said it was the fastest he has ever built a house of this size).

More importantly, Noel has an amazing eye for detail and design, and has a keen sense of space and aesthetics. He and his associate worked very hard on the exterior elevation, making sure the house would be beautiful on the outside and inside--getting windows and doors to line up, figuring out how to wrap the eave around the house, etc--details that are often overlooked and underappreciated but make a huge difference in the beauty of a home.

Noel also specializes in environmentally sustainable building, which is something we were very interested in. I would definitely work with Noel again." 


Irene Au