"I second the recommendation for Noel Cross. We finished our major remodel in October, and we love the result . . . Noel listened to our wants, and he takes copious notes. Nothing gets by him. His firm creates very detailed plans, including interior elevations, which I highly recommend. They really help you envision the home and work out any problems with window / door / electrical / cabinet design / placement.

His attention to detail is remarkable. We have architectural details throughout the house, which he fully specified. He created a wonderful flow to the house, and the spaces have a great feel. He was able to capture the style we were after.

Toward the end of the design phase, he recommended builders and helped us compare bids. We included some builders we found on our own, but wound up choosing one of his recommendations (Bauman Turley Builders, who I also highly recommend).

Noel is a pleasure to work with. He's very good natured and really loves working with people." 

Kelly Toshach