“The concept … is to prove that a building or a home can be ‘earth-friendly’, and still provide a highly functional, comfortable, and beautiful-looking home, consistent with anyone's style or taste.”

  ~ Noel F. Cross Mission Statement October 1999

According to the National Association of Home Builders, the green building market will grow from a $7.4 billion in 2005 to $38 billion by 2010. Unquestionably, the benefits of sustainable design are beginning to permeate the awareness of the American public. People are increasingly realizing the need to use water, materials and energy more efficiently, to create healthier indoor living and working environments and to reduce the negative impact on our planet.

Vision / Philosophy

Vision: The Future of Green Building
As Noel Cross+Architects looks to the future, the needs of a changing planet and it’s inhabitants appear evident. A growing scarcity of resources, greater concern for health and wellness issues and an increasing demand for environmentally supportive living and working spaces present a challenge Noel Cross and his team are eager to creatively assume and resolve.

Our firm has as a long term goal that buildings help regenerate the earth and our resources, rather than the norm that buildings consume energy and resources and deplete the quality of our air, water, soil, etc. We ascribe to the notion put forth by famed environmental architect William McDonough of "eco-effective" architecture, solutions that reverse the downward spiral of environmental degradation. Buildings that clean the water, clean the air, send energy back to the grid, are built with reclaimed materials, are recyclable, and above all are healthy to live in.

Your home is more than your castle, serving as your sanctuary, your oasis and the center of your life. It is where you go to replenish your energy and refresh your spirit with rest, diversion and the love of family and friends. It may also act as the heart of inspiration for your life’s work or passion. Whatever the case may be, our commitment exists to help you convert wood, brick or earth into a living expression of your unique needs and personality; a shelter for your psyche. We strive to make your home a healthy, energy-efficient living space, a quality heirloom worthy of being passed down to future generations because of its permanence and solidity.

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