Noel F. Cross, AIA

"I ventured out into the world of architecture determined to design great living and working spaces that would cause people to take notice.
The day I graduated from college with a degree in architecture, the height of my enthusiasm and expectations had me feeling as if I could fly. At the time, I had a basic knowledge of ecologically sustainable design and an instinct to move in that direction. Since then, my passion and commitment to create great architecture remains, today the focus has dramatically changed from me to my clients, their health and well being, and that of the environment. My commitment to creating environmentally supportive living and working spaces has evolved to become the central focus of my work."

Today, the aim of the entire staff of associates at Noel Cross+Architects is to design structures that not only fulfill the health, safety and well being of our clients but that of the global community as well. That is why we encourage Architecture for Balanced Living. In addition, we believe the planning and building of your home should be remembered as a happy event filled with success stories people share later at dinner parties. We are here to help you transform your dreams into reality through a proven and highly collaborative process, one that we invite you to learn more about as you read further.

Noel Cross has been working in the architecture and construction industry for the past 25 years, and has experience in a wide range of construction types. The firm's main focus at present is in high-end custom residential and ecologically sustainable design, having been involved in the design and construction of several hundred new home and addition/remodel projects in the past fourteen years. We enjoy longstanding relationships and great working track records with local government agences in obtaining approval for our client's projects. Past projects have also included retail, medical, and commercial office tenant improvements, restaurants, concrete tilt-up (R&D), multiple family residential, master planning, urban planning, and institutional (schools).

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