Sustainable Architecture

We are wholly dedicated to the long-term sustainability of our environment. As a result of our steadfast devotion to the health of human beings and the planet, our projects not only have architecturally sound designs, but also incorporate natural building systems, energy saving features, and eco-smart materials in such a way that greatly improves their energy efficiency, resource efficiency, indoor air quality, and their overall general sustainability.

We have developed a unique process that seamlessly melds our two commitments:

To provide the ultimate in design, beauty, and functionality with the ultimate in energy efficiency, health, and environmental responsibility.

Our methodology holds that regardless of the desired style, your home can be designed and built in a "green" manner. Clearly, the most beautiful and functional home built with harmful and resource inefficient materials is difficult to appreciate if it makes the inhabitants physically sick, and does great harm to the environment during its existence on the planet.

The most beautiful and cherished homes are those that both architect and client are proud to 'call their own,' thus manifesting a lovable place to live and a great investment with regard to our future here on earth both short term (monetarily), and long term (environmentally). Our commitment to a beautiful, enriched design includes a commitment to our greater place of living, the Planet Earth.

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